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God's Pantry
Who We Help

       80% of our clients are from 2 groups.  
Do you think you know what 2 groups of people we help most?

Did you guess single parents or the elderly?  Great guess!  That's right.  
The other 20% are families and one-time clients who may have fallen on hard times.
We also provide special diabetic food boxes upon request!  These meals are packed
with low sodium, low sugar, and special pasta items.

God's Pantry is in need of Food Offerings!
Our IMMEDIATE NEED is for monetary donations and volunteers.
For $0.96 you can feed a person for one day!

Feeding Our Neighbors in Need

God's Pantry began at Messiah Lutheran Church in Mauldin, SC in October, 2002.  It was designed to be an outreach arm of the Church to feed the needy. Has that ever changed!

Pastor Michael Sherman, Pastor John Yost, and Tom Williams began by feeding 10 people 3 days of food.  In our first full year of operation, we were blessed to serve over 5,000 people 3 days of food for $5.00.

In 2004, we began feeding each family a full week of food.  We were blessed to be able to add Churches which allowed us to collect more food and small donations from outside Messiah.  So, in 2004, we served 13,000 people a weeks worth of food.

In 2005, we added even more Churches and opened our 2nd Pantry in Taylors, SC with much excitement.  We served over 26,000 people a weeks worth of food!

In 2006, we added even more Churches and opened a 3rd Pantry in Simpsonville, SC.  Our journey has been a blessed one.  By 2006, we had 10 Churches involved in food distribution and we served over 31,000 people a weeks worth of food for only $2.80!

In 2007, once again we added more Churches and opened a 4th Pantry in Spartanburg County, SC.  By late 2007, we were in the process of adding a 5th Pantry to the south of us in Laurens County and we served over 46,000 people a weeks worth of food!

In 2008, we were up to 12 Churches and opened a 6th Pantry in Greer, SC. 
People served: 61,000  |  Families served: 17,000  |  Meals served: over 850,000
Cost per person per meal: $4.42  |  For every $1 received:  $0.92 used for food
Volunteer Hours: 111,000+

In 2009, we added four more Pantries and now have a 10th Pantry.
People served: 72,000+  |  Families served: 19,900+|  Meals served: over 1,081,000
Food Used:  395 tons  |  Volunteers: 350+  |  Volunteer Hours: 25,000+

Currently in 2010, throughout South Carolina's Upcountry counties of Greenville, Spartanburg, Laurens Greenwood and Anderson counties, we are serving more than 2,800 people each week with a week's worth of food!

How did we do it?  With 11 Churches, ten Pantries and two Emergency Food
Stations where no one is turned away, hundreds of volunteers, and a large number of people donating time and money for God's Pantry.  No salaries, small overhead, and a group of professionals that donate their skills, but mainly because of God's blessings!

(all figures are approximate)

What to Look Forward to in 2010/2011


Acts 3:6 ...Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee; in the name of Jesus...


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